What’s Your Time Worth? 

ACE Concierge is known for our superior service, solutions, promptness, reliability and creativity. We possess a passion for efficiency, organization, attention to detail and meticulous professionalism. We are successful only when we assist our clients to achieve success, satisfaction, productivity and sustainability in their work initiatives, personal life and corporate objectives.

ACE Concierge specializes in giving our client the freedom and security of handling a wide range of services including professional inventory data of your possessions, daily scheduling, extra errands, home watch, personal assistant as well as many other services.

The global 24/7 economy has caused the boundaries between work and life to blur. We may have more material comforts, but our quality of life has been dramatically reduced due to the fast pace we now experience. We struggle to juggle chaotic schedules, active children, couples having no time together, families unable to eat meals together, and the constant pile of emails, junk mail, bills payments and household chores. We find it difficult to schedule day to day errands while adhering to professional mandates. At the end of the day we feel exhausted from the increasing demands of the workplace and personal commitments that seem to dictate our time. With these busy schedules who has the time to inventory those material belongings that all this hard work has afforded us? The importance and necessity of keeping detailed records of personal property, and accurate accounts of  possessions in the case of becoming victims of theft or the many forms of disaster that can cause loss or damages.  The more accurate you are with your possessions the better payouts from your insurance company.


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